Door Closers

Floor Springs Overview

Door Spares offer a wide range of floor springs. A floor spring is typically concealed under the floor to operate a door which requires to be closed after use, for reasons including convenience, safety or security.

When selecting floor springs you should consider:

What spring strength is required?

Floor Springs are available in fixed or variable spring strength - typically the wider the door the higher the spring strength required. The spring strength is expressed as an EN number - the higher the number the stronger the spring.

Do you need the floor spring to hold open?

Some doors need to be held open for convenience. If it is a fire door then the floor spring must be an electro-magnetic floor spring linked to the fire alarm.

What features are available?

Backcheck: cushions the door to prevent damage to the door and surrounding area.
Delayed action: delays the closing cycle of the door to allow traffic more time to pass through the doorway.
Our range of accessories includes spindles, top centres,cover plates, straps and shoes.

Which brands of Door Closers do we stock?

  • dormakaba
  • Axim
  • Exidor (formerly Jebron)
  • Geze
  • Speedy