Door Closers Overview

Door Spares offer a wide range of door closers. A door closer is typically fitted on doors which require to be closed after use, for reasons including convenience, safety or security.

When selecting Door Closers you should consider:

What spring strength is required?

We offer closers in fixed or variable spring strength – typically the wider the door the higher the spring strength required.The spring strength is expressed as an EN number - the higher the number the stronger the spring.

Do you need the door closer to hold open?

Some doors need to be be held open for convenience. If it is a fire door then the door closer must be an electro-magnetic door closer linked to the fire alarm.

What features are available?

Backcheck: cushions the door to prevent damage to the door and surrounding area. 

Delayed action: delays the closing cycle of the door to allow traffic more time to pass through the doorway.

What is a cam action door closer?

 DORMA cam action door closers are high efficiency door closers which require less effort to open the door. They operate with a non-projecting slide arm and channel which is more aesthetically pleasing.

Which brands of Door Closers do we stock?