Window Gear General Information

Door Spares offers a wide range of window gear including manual and electric operating equipment by manufacturers such as Clearline (formerly Teleflex). The Window Gear is typically used on high level or out-of-reach windows.

When selecting window gear you should consider the type of window:

How does it open?

  • Where is the pivot point of the window – Top, Middle or Bottom?
  • Does the window opens inwards or outwards?
  • Is it a louvre window or a roof vent?

These answers will help you select the correct window gear.

How is it operated?

Is it manually operated by winding a handle or electrically operated (24V or 230V)?

We stock a full range of manual and electric operator window gear accessories including rain sensors, wind sensors, thermostats and handles.

Which brands of Window Gear do we stock?

  • Clearline (formerly Teleflex)
  • Topp
  • Schuco